Your MySQL data replicated in Redshift.

Get setup in less than 40 minutes. Full replication every 15 minutes after initial sync.

FlyData™ is the fastest and easiest solution for replicating data into Amazon Redshift continuously and securely.

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FlyData saves time.

We have saved our customers dozens of hours by making replicating their data into Redshift as easy as sending an email.

"We needed to move data from MySQL to Redshift and we needed to move it around as fast as possible. FlyData does that, and it does that well.""

- Gareth Tilley

FlyData handles real-time replication for all of the major RDS systems, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, MariaDB, and Percona.

With an easy one-time setup, you can focus on uncovering data to make business decisions.

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