About FlyData

FlyData Inc. is a start-up headquartered in Palo Alto, California. We enable easy management of the data load process to the cloud, allowing customers to move large data sets seamlessly, securely and continuously to existing data warehouses. Our mission is to allow our customers to focus on their core business while we handle the real-time data processing.

Our Team

Jersy Huang

UX Designer

Jersy, our UX designer, also does a bit of front end dev work and adds a bit of flair to the designs when necessary. Fun fact: In a former life, she was a championship speed skater.

Koichi Fujikawa


Koichi, our fearless leader brings years of experience in startups and has worked at companies such as Yahoo! Japan as a software engineer. Through his passion, he came to the US from Tokyo, Japan to found FlyData.

Makoto Inada


Mak's passion is all about building services that make people's life easy and fun with his 20+ years of experience with the Internet. While not work, he enjoys self-torturing sessions cycling up hills, or go downhill on ski slopes.

Zivago Lee

VP of Operations

"Z" started out playing with the latest version of Slackware Linux in high school which led to stints at Digital Island, Ticketmaster, Zynga and Yahoo! Other than automating infrastructure, he enjoys food, cars and basketball.

Masashi Miyazaki

Senior Software Engineer

Masashi is a full-stack engineer and the first hire who created the FlyData system including both front-end and back-end with our team. When he's not fixing bugs and coding, he enjoys spending time with his 2 uncontrollable kids.

Chie Inada

Software Engineer

Chie is an engineer putting her energy into FlyData Agent for accurate service. She loves to interpret logic in her mind into the real world. When she is not coding, she enjoys performing piano, playing golf, or skiing in Tahoe.

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Why Us?

FlyData is a young and vibrant venture-backed startup, providing data integration services for companies with big data. We’re based in Palo Alto, CA within walking distance to Caltrain.

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