As many of you know, Texas was hit with a devastating category 4 hurricane named Harvey.  Harvey made landfall Friday, August 25th and continued its destructive path in Texas through August 30th before moving out of the Houston area and moving towards our friends in Louisiana and other states.  We have engineers in Houston so we were greatly concerned and kept in contact with our staff throughout this disaster.  We’re happy to announce that all of our staff are safe and this hurricane did not affect FlyData’s operations.

While the storm has now passed and the warnings expired, Texas is working on a huge recovery effort.  Damage totals are in the 75B range with recovery expected to take months if not longer.  In addition, this was the largest flood to ever hit the continental U.S. with rainfall totals for Texas exceeding over 9 trillion gallons of water.  To put this into perspective, 9 trillion gallons of water would cover the entire city of New Orleans in 128′ of water, but Texas survived.

We here at FlyData are absolutely heartbroken for the people who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and are asking our friends, colleagues, partners, and customers to do whatever you can to help the people of Texas and Louisana to assist in their recovery errors.

You may be asking how you can help.  If you are local to Texas, any volunteering at shelters and evacuee sites is great.  If you are not able to physically be in Texas to help with the relief efforts, then we suggest donating through the following channels:

We are asking you, our friends, colleagues, partners, and customers to do what you can to help out wherever you can.  The staff here at FlyData have already begun volunteering and contributing to the relief funds.  We hope you will stand strong with us and help Texas rebuild.

About James Jelinek:
James Jelinek is the Director of Customer Success and DevOps Engineering at FlyData. When not writing code, building infrastructure, or putting smiles on customer's faces he spends his time with his wife, dog, and two cats. In his spare time he does card tricks and and writes Ruby.

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