Pricing Starting as Low as $398/Month
All Plans Include the Following Features

Free Initial Sync of Data

Large database? No worries. Your initial sync of data into Amazon Redshift is free!

Near Real-Time Sync

Get the most up-to-date data for analysis in minutes.

Secure Tunnel

Securely connect to your database behind a firewall with our VPN feature.

Easy 1-Time Setup

Set up your connection once and we’ll handle the rest. No more constant monitoring!

Auto Error Handling

Issues with your database? Self-healing and buffering ensures consistency and zero data loss.

Premium Support

Questions or concerns? Our knowledgeable support engineers are readily available.
Ask about our plan details!

FlyData handles real-time replication for Amazon RDS and Aurora, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Get set up in minutes. Start uncovering data to make faster, better business decisions today.

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