Easily Replicate your PostgreSQL Database to Amazon Redshift

FlyData allows you to replicate data changes in your PostgreSQL database directly to Amazon Redshift.
Analyze your production data in near real-time without changing your back-end infrastructure!

Let us Handle the Replication

Focus on uncovering data to make business decisions. No need to maintain your own replication service. Let FlyData manage the entire process of moving your PostgreSQL database to Amazon Redshift.


Real Time Sync

Old data becomes less helpful as time passes. FlyData syncs your PostgreSQL database in real time right into Amazon Redshift. Our robust system ensures 100% accuracy with each load ensuring your data is the most fresh.

Secure Tunnel

Database behind a firewall? FlyData offers SecureTunnel VPN to safely and securely access your database. Replicate your data securely through our system right into Amazon Redshift

Easy 1-time setup

Set up FlyData once and let our experts continually monitor the sync and replication process to Amazon Redshift. Cumbersome custom Amazon Kinesis/Kafka scripts will be a thing of the past.

Error handling

FlyData comes with built in error handling, with a system optimized specifically for Amazon Redshift. Your data is always buffered so that you don't lose data in the event of any errors.

Premium Support for Everyone

Flydata includes premium level of support for all our customers.
We're always happy to help through chat, email and phone!

Ready to integrate to Redshift?

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