Having trouble syncing to Redshift?

You're not alone.
Check out how you can automate your Redshift data integration.

Manually uploading data is not fun.

It's also not a good way to spend precious engineering time. FlyData can help:

Automate Uploading

Automate Uploading

  • Setup Once. Sit back and relax
  • Data in Redshift is always kept fresh!
  • Data loading is monitored constantly
  • Error Handling is automated, too
Minimize Wasted Time

Minimize Wasted Time

  • No need to wait for uploads to finish
  • No need to monitor data uploading
  • No need to manually write & run scripts
  • No need to handle mundane errors.
Improve BI Analytics

Improve BI Analytics

  • Query (near) real time data in Redshift
  • Wait “less” and query “more” against Redshift
  • Empower the team by having data available
  • Achieve high ROI with superior insight!

How It Works

Here is what the data flow looks like.

FlyData continuously syncs to Amazon Redshift by:

  1. Extracting data from your data source efficiently via Change Data Capture (CDC)
  2. Parallel processing data loading and transformation.
  3. Proactive monitoring to ensure data consistency

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