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FlyDataâ„¢ automatically loads your data to Amazon Redshift continuously and securely in a matter of minutes.
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Intuitive Integration

Simple setup allows you to start integrating your data in minutes instead of days. Once setup, data flow is on autopilot.

Streamline Your Data Flow

Load your Apache, JSON, CSV, TSV log files, or MySQL data directly into Redshift as they are being generated. No need for custom scripts, daily batch uploads, or monitoring for errors. FlyData takes care of it all.

Manage Data in Real-Time

Data in Amazon Redshift is continuously kept up-to-date through our automatic updates. Your data will always be there, ready for your queries. Get instant value out of your big data.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We needed to move data from MySQL to Redshift and we needed to move it around as fast as possible. FlyData does that, and it does that well.""

- Gareth Tilley

Vijay Tummala, Data Engineer


It solves lot of corner case Data pipelining issues on top of syncing the data, which we didn't have to worry about so that we were able to focus on the Analytics and Results instead, making Gyft a data driven company.

Jason Amster, CTO


Flydata has been instrumental in taking data analysis to the next level. Their engineering team is extremely knowledgeable and helped guide us through a complicated migration to Redshift, navigating some of our non-standard infrastructures.

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