What is Big Data? A New Paradigm of Data

The Emergence of Big Data Since the advent of personal computing, computer users have been contributing, voluntarily or involuntarily, to an ever-growing database that records everything from website analytics to sales transactions. More recently, modern innovations enable us to track complex activities such as population movement trends and aviation traffic. As we proceed through this […]

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Redshift Vacuum: Optimize your Redshift tables

Because Redshift does not automatically “reclaim” the space taken up by a deleted or updated row, occasionally you’ll need to resort your tables and clear out any unused space. Doing so can optimize performance and reduce the number of nodes you need to host your data (thereby reducing costs). This can be done using the […]

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Redshift Table Size: How to find the size of a table in Redshift

SVV_TABLE_INFO is a Redshift systems table that shows information about user-defined tables (not other system tables) in a Redshift database. The table is only visible to superusers. To get the size of each table, run the following command on your Redshift cluster: SELECT “table”, size, tbl_rows FROM SVV_TABLE_INFO The table column is the table name. […]

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Amazon Redshift DISTKEY and SORTKEY | Redshift Indexes

Amazon Redshift’s DISTKEY and SORTKEY are a powerful set of tools for optimizing query performance. In this series of articles, we will walk through a few interesting examples of how the DISTKEY and SORTKEY affects Redshift query performance.

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Redshift Create Table: Let’s Keep Things Simple

Amazon’s official documentation on Redshift’s CREATE TABLE commands has a lot of information in it. Too much, in fact. It’s hard to sort the necessary from the unimportant, and that’s why we wrote this blog post. In this guide, we’re going to keep things simple. First up, we break down how to use the Redshift […]

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