Employee Spotlight: Jason Colyer

Welcome to the FlyData, Inc employee spotlight.  Each month we will be featuring a new employee from our team. It’s a great opportunity for our customers to get to know us.  We are real people, just like you and we’d love to show you a bit of the behind the scenes. Without further adieu, let’s […]

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Scheduled Maintenance in ap-northeast-1 and us-east-1

In an effort to provide the best service for all of our valued FlyData customers, we perform routine maintenance to ensure our entire infrastructure is rock solid.  That being said we are performing maintenance tomorrow 04/07/2018 at 12:00 PDT. Are you affected? If your applications sit in the ap-northeast-1 or us-east-1 regions, or if your applications fallback […]

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Move Fast and Break Things | Thoughts on Chaos Engineering

Here at FlyData, Inc we take fault-tolerance and uptime very seriously.  Any issue that impacts our infrastructure can potentially have an impact on our valued customers.   Currently, our environment is very stable and we have fallback mechanisms in place to reduce and at times entirely mitigate downtime.  However, not every system is perfect and […]

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FlyData Introduces Max Overage Protection

At FlyData we provide near realtime replication from Amazon RDS to Amazon Redshift.  Depending on the plan you choose and your dataset, most customers do not incur overages/overage fees.  However, if you have a large dataset or your plan doesn’t support the replication volume you are producing, overages start to incur which can be costly.  […]

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FlyData Flies to Vegas – All hands on AWS

What happens when a team from across the globe meets in one of most dynamic technology events on earth?  At AWS re:Invent 2017 our company forged stronger bonds between our international team members and shared our mission and passion for customer success.   In this post, we wanted to take the chance to share some insights […]

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