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Splitting Tables Into Separate Applications to Improve Performance
FlyData™ automatically loads your data to Amazon Redshift continuously and securely in a matter of minutes.  At FlyData we pride ourselves on helping our new and existing customers achieve the best Amazon Redshift replication strategy in the industry.  While we have many useful features to improv...
MySQL to Amazon Redshift replication
main illlustration Since its introduction in 2013, Amazon Redshift has been gaining ground in the Cloud-based data warehouse market. In this article, we’ll compare Amazon Redshift with other data warehouse solutions such as Hive/Hadoop, BI analytics tools, Vertica, MySQL to understand why Amazon...
Now Available: Postgres as a Data Source
FlyData has been offering MySQL replication to Amazon Redshift for the last 18 months.  We’ve heavily focused our efforts in MySQL to not only continually improve it, but also provide the best data integrity in the market.  Our customers love us and we thank you for sticking with us as we continu...
FlyData features: FlyData Sync "Append Only" mode
DELETE Without Losing Insight: How FlyData Sync Append Only Mode Can Help You If you’ve ever designed or managed an application database, you at some point must have thought about the question of whether to really delete data from your database, or to just mark the data as “deleted”. Both have th...
Recent FlyData Releases (September, 2015)
We’ve had some major new releases recently at FlyData, especially to the FlyData Agent. If you are using the FlyData Agent, we strongly recommend you upgrade your Agent to the newest version! Here are some of the highlights of the Recent FlyData Releases: For All Users CRC32 Checksum support T...
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