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Redshift Unload: Amazon Redshift’s Unload Command
Redshift’s UNLOAD command is a great little tool that complements Redshift’s COPY command, by doing the exact reverse function. While COPY grabs data from an Amazon s3 bucket and puts into a Redshift table for you, UNLOAD takes the result of a query, and stores the data in Amazon s3. Why would y...
Redshift Show Tables | How to List Redshift Tables
In order to list or show all of the tables in a Redshift database, you'll need to query the PGTABLEDEF systems table. An interesting thing to note is the PG_ prefix. This is because Redshift is based off Postgres, so that little prefix is a throwback to Redshift’s Postgres origins. Running SELE...
Redshift vs. Postgres: A Detailed Comparison
Amazon Redshift was birthed out of PostgreSQL 8.0.2. For this reason, many analysts and engineers making the move from Postgres to Redshift feel a certain comfort and familiarity about the transition. While it is true that much of the syntax and functionality crosses over, there are key differenc...
Redshift Copy: How and when to use Redshift's COPY command
In this guide, we’ll go over the Redshift COPY command, how it can be used to import data into your Redshift database, its syntax, and a few troubles you may run into. What is the Redshift COPY command? The Redshift COPY command, funnily enough, copies data from one source and loads it into you...
Redshift Join: How to use Redshift's Join Clause
Redshift’s JOIN clause is perhaps the second most important clause after SELECT clause, and it is used even more ubiquitously, considering how interconnected a typical application database’s tables are. Due to that connectivity between datasets, data developers require many joins to collect and p...
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